Art of Play is a boutique creative studio based in the heart of Melbourne. We design and build a wide range of HTML5 mobile and desktop compatible games as well a variety of online interactive media.

In English;

We build HTML5 games.
We build Flash games.
We build web sites.


Dookie Drop!

Puny earthlings! We’ve just released a demo of our first Invader Zim game, DOOKIE DROP! Head over to¬†and see if you can beat Iggins

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Brainfreeze & Snak

There’s a new hero on the block and the word is he’s ice cold. Art of Play is launching their own creation this year for web and iOS. Keep an eye out for more updates!

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Game Guru's Reviews

Game Guru has been writing gaming reviews longer than we’ve been button mashing. Check out his blog for the what’s what on gaming.

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Welcome, Derek

AOP welcomes Derek to the team. Derek will be smashing out some awesome 3D renders and working on Brainfreeze and Snak along with out Star Wars titles. All staff initiations are done over a Dreamca

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